Test 2 of Indian Contract Act 1872. Students who are preparing for Judiciary Exams or AIBE or any type of judicial exams should take this test in order to check their preparation and skills. Pearl Institute is providing this Test for all for free.

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Welcome to your The Indian Contract Act, 1872 Test 2

Q1. Communication of acceptance is complete as against the acceptor
Q2. Revocation of offer by letter or telegram can be complete
Q3. Acceptance to be valid must
Q4. A contract with or by a minor is a
Q5. A contract which ceases to be enforceable by law becomes void
Q6. An acceptance can be revoked
Q7. A Proposal stands revoked
Q8. A proposal can be accepted
Q9. Enforceable agreements are the one
Q10. Competency to contract relates to
Q11. Which of the following is correct
Q12. Past consideration is valid in
Q13. An agreement not to raise the plea of limitation is
Q14. A letter of acceptance sent by post is lost in transit
Q15. when the consent to the contract is caused by coercion, the contract under section 19 is
Q16. When the consent is caused by misrepresentation , the contract under section 19 is
Q17. When the consent is caused by under influence , the contract under section 19A is
Q18. Where both the parties are under mistake as to matter of fact, the contract under section 20 is
Q19. Where one of the parties is under a mistake as to matter of fact the contract is
Q20. if only , a part of the consideration or object is unlawful, the contract under section 24 shall be

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