Welcome to your The Specific Relief Act,1963 Test -5

Q1. On the principles laid down under section 38 of the specific Relief Act 1963 , perpetual injunction can be granted in cases of
Q2. Grant of a mandatory inujunction is regulated by
Q3.A mandatory injnction is
Q4. A mandatory injunction in its nature is
Q5.In a suit for injunction, under section 40 of the specific Relief Act ,1963 damages
Q6. In a suit for injunction, under section 40 of the specific Relief Act,1963, damages
Q7. Section 41 of the Specific Relief Act,1963 mentions the cases in which
Q8. Injunction cannot be granted
Q9. The relief by way of mandatory injunction is
Q10.Mere possession of title is
Q11. A contract made by a trustee in excess of his powers or in breach of trsut
Q12. Preventive relief is granted at the discretion of the court
Q13. Obligation under Specific Relief Act
Q14. Absence of Income -Tax clearance under section 230 of Income Tax Act is ......ground for refusing specific performance
Q15. Time limit for discovery of mistake or fraud under section 26 of Special Relief Act,1963 is
Q16. Suit for specific performance is claimed when applicant is
Q17. Grant of decree of declaration is the discretion of court.But it
Q18. Under the Specific Relief Act, the declaratory decree can
Q19. Under the specific Relief Act, a suit for possession can be filed in respect ofAdd description here!
Q20. Proviso to section 34 of the Specific Relief Act Provides

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