Welcome to your The Specific Relief Act,1963 Test -3

Q1. Section 34 sanctions
Q2. Character or right sought to be declared must be
Q3.Legal character or right under section 34 must be
Q4. Proviso to section 34 relates to
Q5. The further relief under section 34 must be
Q6. The objection as to maintainability of suit of declaration without further relief
Q7. A declaration made is binding on
Q8. The grant or refusal of relief of declaration and injunction under the provisions of section 34 is
Q9. Injunctions cannot be granted in a suit
Q10. What is true of temporary injunctions
Q11. The general principles on which the perpetual injunctions could be granted are contained in
Q12. What is true of perpetual injunction
Q13. Injunction is granted
Q14. What is true of mandatory injunction
Q15. A claim for damages in suits for injunction can be laid
Q16. Damages in suits for injunctions cannot be granted
Q17. Section 10 of the Specific Relief Act,1963, applies to
Q18. Section 10 of the Specific Relief Act , 1963, provides for
Q19.Section 10 of the Specific Relief Act,1963 applies to
Q20. In cases of specific performance of a contract , the rights of the parties are governed by the principles of

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