Welcome to your The Specific Relief Act,1963 Test -2

Q1. Under section 10 of specific Relief Act, the specific performance of the contract cannot be granted
Q2. Under Section 10 of the specific performance can be granted
Q3. Under section 10 which of the following can be specifically enforced
Q4. Section 13 of the Specific Relief Act, 1963 has no application when the transfer has been affected in respect of a property
Q5. Within the meaning of section 15 of the Specific relief Act,1963, the assignee falls
Q6. Mistake contempated under section 26 is
Q7. Section 26 fixes the time for discovery of mistake or fraud to be
Q8. Remedy of recisssion of contract
Q9. Relief of rescission is granted in cases
Q10. Recisssion cannot be granted
Q12. Rescission cannot be granted
Q13. Cancellation of instrument can be granted
Q14. Section 31 in its application is
Q15. Cancellation under section 31 can be claimed
Q16. In case of cancellation under section 31 the relief of specific performance
Q17. Cancellation under section 31 of relates to
Q18. Under section 33 of compensation is payable if
Q19. Under section 32 an instrument can be cancelled in part when
Q20. Under section 34.a declaration can be sought by

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