Welcome to your The indian contract Act,1872 test 5

Q1.The age of majority for the purpose of Contracts Act is
Q2. The damages under section 73 of Indian Contract Act are
Q3. While determining damages which of the following are taken into account
Q3. Which of the following is not relevant in determining of quantum of damage
Q4. Pre-contract expenditure may be recovered as damage
Q5. Duty to mitigate damages on the part of injured party arises
Q6. A sumfixed before hand as amount of compensation payable in the event of breach of contract is called
Q7. The esense of liquidated damage is
Q8. A contract of guarantee has been defined
Q8. Surety is a person
Q9. A guarantee
Q10. Liability of the surety is
Q11. A valid guarantee can be given
Q12. A guarantee to be valid
Q13. A guarantee obtained by misrepresentation or concealment is
Q14. Which of the following is a valid gurantee
Q15. Under the contract of guarantee , the liability of the surety
Q16. A guarantee which extends to a series of transactions under section 129 is called
Q17. A continuing guarantee under section 130 is called
Q18. The liability of surety on his death under section 131 in case of continuing guarantee
Q19. The surety stands discharged
Q20. Surety stands discharged

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