Welcome to your The indian Contract Act,1872 test 4

Q1. A general offer open for world at large can be accepted
Q2. Contract without consideration made in writing & registered and made on account of natural love and affection is
Q3. A Contract based on the happening or non-happening of a future event under section 31 is called
Q4.Generally , the joint promisors on
Q5. In cases of default by joint promisors the promise
Q6. What is a reasonable time for performance of a contract
Q7. In a contract not specifying the time for performance , the promisor can perform the contract
Q8. A promisor can accept the performance
Q9. Under the Indian Act consideration
Q10. An executed consideration
Q11. Mere silence is not fraud unless
Q12. The principle , performance of a condition is a sufficient acceptance without notification is contained in
Q13.Under section 74 the court cannot award damages
Q14. Where the rate of interest prescribed in case of breach is too high, the court can interafce
Q15. The law relating to tender of performance is laid down in
Q16. 'A' promises to make a sculpture of
Q17. 'X' enters into a contract with Y for which Y is guilty of fraud. X can
Q18. An offer was sent by post , the acceptor wrote accepted on the letter , put it in his drawer & forgot about it. The translation is a
Q19. An employer asks his employee/servant to sell his servant's goods at a price/ fair price. Servant can void the contract on the ground
Q20. The doctrine of impossibility of performance rendering contracts void is based on

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