Welcome to your The Indian Contract Act, 1872 Test 3

Q1. A contract without consideration under section 25 is
Q2. Consideration should be something in return of promise which
Q3. If the prosper prescribes the mode & manner of acceptance , the acceptance
Q4. Parties are not competent to contract if any of them is
Q5. Consent is free under section 14 is not caused by
Q6. Consent under section 13 means
Q7. A contract which is valid intially however, cases to be enforceable subsequently , the contract
Q8. Agreements , the meaning of which is not certain or not capable of being made certain under section 29 is
Q9. An agreement in restraint of trade under section 27 is
Q10. An agreement in restraint of trade is valid under section 27 is relates to
Q11. An agreement not to pursue any legal remedy to enforce the rights under section 28 is
Q12. An agreement not to persue legal remedies but to refer the dispute to the arbitrator, under section 28 is
Q13. An agreement to refer the dispute to the arbitrator is valid
Q14. An agreement by way of wager under section 30 is
Q15. An agreement in connection with horse-racing under section 30 is
Q16. An agreement in restraint of marriage under section 26 is
Q16. If only a part of the consideration or object is unlawful, the contract under section 24 shall be
Q17. An agreement shall be void on account of
Q18. What is correct of a standard form contract
Q19. An agreement to remain unmarried is
Q20. Indequancy of consideration does not make the contract

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