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Q1. Basically tort is a species of
Q2. The rule of 'strict liability' is based on the decision in
Q3. Tort is a violation of
Q4. Tort implies a twisted or tortious
Q5. Law of tort has developed mainly through
Q6.The proponder of pigeon hole theory is
Q7. In tortious liability
Q8. Under the law of torts, the damages are
Q9. The decision in Ashby v. White Furthers
Q10. Volenti non fit injuria is
Q11. Under the law of torts, malice ,means
Q12. The defence of volenti non fir injuria, is not available
Q13. For violenti non fit injuria is to be available , it is necessary that
Q14. Volenti non fit injuria is available
Q15. Inevitable accident Means
Q16. In tort the private defence is
Q17. In tort mistake
Q18. An act of done as Act of State
Q19. An act done as Act of State has to be justified
Q20.The liability of Independent tort means

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