Welcome to your law of torts test -5

Q1. The word 'Tort' implies which is twisted or tortious
Q2. Law of torts have developed mainly through
Q3. Heat constitutes
Q4. Electricity constitutes
Q5. State in which of the following cases, it amounts to nuisance?
Q6. The propounder of "pigeon- hole theory" is
Q7. The presence of malice destroys
Q8. The slander of women Act which made the imputation of unchasity or adultery to any women or girl, actionable per-se, was enacted in
Q9. Special damage has got to be proved in an action for
Q10. If a person wrote that all lawyers were theives , he can be sued by
Q11. Vicarious liablity includes
Q12. An action for damage will lie
Q13. Fumes constitute
Q14. Does obstruction to light and air constitute private nuisance?
Q15. Remoteness of damage is determined by
Q16. An action for breach of duty lies alternatively in contract or in tort in case of
Q17. Defamation is defined under
Q18.Extra-judicial remedies exclude
Q19. 'Respondent superior' means:
Q20. Last opportunity rule is associated with:

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