Welcome to your Law of Torts test-4

Q1. In case when two persons are negligent and one of them who had the later opportunity of avoiding the accident by taking ordinary care. should be liable for the loss-the rule is named as
Q2. Last opportunity rule is
Q3. The doctrine of appointment of damages in cases of Contributory negligence is
Q4. When the negligence of two or more persons result in the same damage , it is said to be a case of
Q5. Transfer of a chattel under a contract, the liability shall be regulated
Q6. Liability of the transferor of chattel towards the ultimate transferee
Q7. The Scienter rule applies in case of liability for animals which are
Q8.The liablity of the owner of the cattle for cattle trespass
Q9. An action for cattle trespass can be brought by
Q10. An action under scienter and negligence can be brought by
Q11. Direct interferance in the possession of land without lawful justification is called
Q12. Action of tresspass can be brought by a person
Q13. Tresspass to goods is
Q14. Conspiracy is
Q15. The rule of strict liability
Q16. Which of the following are the exception to the strict liability rule
Q17. M.C. Mehta v.union of India, AIR 1987 SC 1086 is a decision on
Q18. Liability for libel depends on
Q19. Which is correct
Q20. Tort is a violation of a

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