Welcome to your Law of torts test -3

Q1. In an action for defamation under civil law
Q2. Making fair comment on matters of public interest is
Q3. No action for defamation lies in cases of
Q4. Nuisanace as a tort was defined as an unlawful interference with a person'a use or enjoyment of land or some right over, or in connection with it, by
Q5. Nuisance can be
Q6. The unlawful with a person use or enjoyment of land or of some right over in connection with it, it is a tort of
Q7. Which is correct
Q8. To constitute the tort of nuisance, the essentials are
Q9. The Proseution commences
Q10. In a claim for malicious proseution , damages can be claimed on account of
Q11. The liability for malicious proseution arises when the proceedings are instituted before
Q12. A person aiding a party in civil proceedings by pecuniary assistance or otherwise, without lawful justification is committing a tort of
Q13. The 'Standard of care' required in tort of negligence
Q14. Proceedings in Parliament & State Legislatures are
Q15. In the law of torts ,the tort can be fixed for incorporeal personal property
Q16. In vicarious liability
Q17. Effectual defence available in an action for nuisance
Q18. Inffectual/defence available in an action for nuisance
Q19. The maxim 'res-ipsa loquitor' is a
Q20. The doctrine 'res-ipsa loquitor' was applied by the Supreme Court in

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