Welcome to your Law of Torts test -2

Q1.The Liablity of joint tort feasors is
Q2. In England successive actions under the Civil Liability (Contribution) Act, 1978 are permissible in case
Q3. The doctrine of vicarious liability applies when there is
Q4. Various liability commensurates with that of
Q5. Under the rule of vicarious liability
Q6. An employer is liable for the acts of independent contractors if
Q7. for the purposes vicarious liability a servant is a person
Q8. Vicarious liability in case of independent contractor does not arise
Q9. Which is correct. In tort
Q10.The doctrine of common employment at present is applicable
Q11 .In India, the scope of the doctrine of common employment was restricted by
Q12. In India the defence of common employment
Q13. The term novus actus inteveniens means
Q14. Remoteness of damages is determined by
Q15. for 'false' imprisonment there should be
Q16. Defamation is divided into libel and slander
Q17. Slander is the publication of a defamatory statement in a
Q18. For defamation
Q19. For defamation, a tort
Q20. Action for defamation can be brought by

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