Welcome to your Indian Constitutional Law Test-5

Q1. Article 23 of the constitution does not Prohibit ;
Q2. Prohibiton of employment of children of below....years is provided under Article 24.
Q3. 'Right to life' under Article 19 includes:
Q4. The test of reasonableness under Article 30 includes:
Q5. Under Article 15 of the constitution , the State shall not discriminate against any citizen of grounds :
Q6. The state cannot make special provision for which one of the following Under Article 15?
Q7. 'Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment' is mentioned in which of the following Articles:
Q8. The Directive principles are aimed to
Q9. One of the objectives of Principles of State policy is
Q10. If the Directive Principles of State policy is Infringed
Q11. Fundamentals duties are enshrined in
Q12. from which country the principles of Fundamental Duties have been drived
Q13. Fundamental Duties were inserted in the Constitution by
Q14. Directive Principles of State Policy are
Q15. Directive Principles of State Policy are
Q16. Directive Principles are
Q17. Fundamentals duties under Article 51 A is confined to
Q18. The protection and improvement of environment including forests and wild life of the country is
Q19. Upholding and protecting the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India is
Q20. India borrowed the idea of incorporating Fundamentals Rights in the Constitution from

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