Welcome to your Indian Constitutional Law Test-4

Q1. The right given by Article 32
Q2. The fundamental rights as envisaged under Articles Under 12-35 are
Q3. Which section preventive detention Act, 1950 was declared utra vires by the Supreme Court in case of A.K. gopalan v. state of Madras
Q4. Article 21 now protects the right to life and personal liberty of citizens not only from executive action but also from legislative action. The cases is
Q5. Under Indian Constitution which is not a specific ground on which the state can place restriction on freedom of religion
Q6. Which one of the following is not a fundamental Right
Q7. Which oe of the following Fundamental Rights was described by Dr.B.R. Ambedkar as the ''heart and soul of the Constitution"
Q8. Which one of the following is bulwark of personal freedom
Q9. Which one of the following Fundamental Rights are restrained by Preventive Detention Act
Q10. The Right against exploitation prohibts
Q11. Fundamental Rights of Indian citizens were:
Q12. A corporation is 'State' for the purpose of enforcement of Fundamentals rights if:
Q13. Which one of the following rights cannot be inferred from Article 21 of the constitution?
Q14. For the first time , which Amendment Act, made it clear that the 'state' in clauses (a) to (e) of Article 3 of the constitution includes 'Union Territories'?
Q15. The decision of the Supreme Court in M.C.Mehta v.Union of India,(1988) 1 SCC 471, concerned with Ganga water Pollution, was described as ''ultra activist" by:
Q16. Mandamus cannot be issued under Article 32 where a fundamental right is infringed by:
Q17. Which article of the Constitution provides that, the Parliament will determine the extent of fundamental rights for the members of the Armed Forces?
Q18. Under Article 24, which place of employment is not explicitly prohibited ::
Q19. The word 'practice' mentioned in Article 25 does not include :
Q20. 'Right to education' was inserted in the Part III of the Constitution by:

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