Welcome to your Indian Constitutional Law Test-3

Q1. As far as Armed Forces are concerned the fundamental rights granted under Articles 14 and 19 of the Constitution are
Q2. Right to freedom of religion cannot be restricted on the ground of
Q3. Reservation of seats in educational institutions in favour of Scheduled Castes and Tribes are Governed by
Q4. On which date the Supreme Court upheld the OBC quota in Central Educational institutions clearing the way for reservation of 27% seats for Backward Classes
Q5. Which one of the Under mentioned right is guaranteed to citizen as freedom of religion under Article 19
Q6. On which one of the following freedoms can reasonable restrictions be imposed on the ground of security of the state
Q7. Reasonable restrictions on freedom to assemble can be imposed
Q8. Which of the following are prohibited without the consent of President of India according to Article 18
Q9. The expression of 'double jeopardy' in Article 20(2) means
Q10. The expression 'prosecution' under Article 20(2) contemplates
Q11. Article 20 (3) forbids to compel a person 'accused' to say something from his personal knowledge relating to the charge
Q12. According to Article 22(3) fundamental rights guaranteed to arrested persons in Article 22(1) and (2) do not apply to
Q13. According to Article 23, the following are prohibted
Q14. The expression 'minority' in Article 30 means any community which is
Q15. Articles 20-22 relate to the fundamental right to life and personal liberty. These rights are available to
Q16. Right to life means
Q17. The following are not included in the right to personal liberty
Q18. According to article 22(4) no detention of any person is possible without the intercession of the advisory Board for a period exceedings
Q19. The right guaranteed under article 32 can be suspended
Q20. Petitions to the supreme Court under Article 32 are object to the rule of Res judicata except

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