Q1. In which case, it was held by the Supreme Court that 'preamble is the basic feature of the constitution?'
Q2. In which case the Supreme Court held that the Preamble is not the part of the Constitution?
Q3. The indian Constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on
Q4. The Preamble of the Constitution of India envisages that
Q5. The Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution was
Q6. The Chairman of the Constituent Assembly was
Q7. The Solem resoloution in the preamble of our constitution is made in the name of
Q8. The concept of Directive Principle of State policy is borrowed from
Q9. India has borrowed the schemes of federation i.e. 'Union of States' from which country?
Q10. Which of the following said that ''In any event whatever system of Government we may establish here must fit in with the temper of the people and be acceptable to them''
Q10. Is the Preamble a part of the Constitution ?
Q11. The feature 'power of judicial review' of borrowed from which of the following country?
Q12. Which of the following are included in the concept of 'the state' under Article 12
Q13. In light of the definition of 'State' which of the following are not States
Q14. For the purpose of fundamental rights an authority must come within the definition of 'State'. Which of the following are not State
Q15. In the light of the definition of State as including other authorities , which of the following are not states
Q16. Which of the following is not State for the purpose of Article 12 of constitution
Q17. The Term 'State' as mentioned in Article 12 of the constitution includes also
Q18. The term '' law in force " in clause (3) of Article 13 means
Q19. Under Article 13(1) pre-Constitution laws
Q20. Article 13(2)

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