Welcome to your CPC code of civil procedure test 8

Q1. Set - off can be off
Q2. Set- off can be
Q3. In set-off, court fee is
Q4. In a written statement , a defendant can claim
Q5. Which of the following is respect of set-off is correct
Q6. Which of the following can exceed the pecuniary jurisdiction of the court
Q7. A right to set-off has been granted
Q8. A right to counter-claim has been provided
Q9. If in any case in which the defenfdant sets up a counter-claim the suit of the plaintiff is stayed, discontinued or dismisssed,the counter-claim
Q10. Default in filing of written statement has been deal with
Q11. On default in filing of written statement under Order VIII, Rule 10 of CPC. Pronouncement of judgment
Q12. On failure to file the written statement , under Order VIII, Rule 10 of CPC the court
Q13. Where the plaintiff fails to pay the court fee or postal charges for service of summons of the suit , on the defendant , the suit can be dismissed under
Q14. Where on the date fixed for hearing of a suit,neither of the party appears, the dismissal of the suit shall be
Q15. A suit can be dismissed in default
Q16. Under Order IX, Rule 4 of CPC a suit can be restored if dismissed
Q17. When a suit is dismissed under Order IX, Rule 2 or under Order IX, Rule 3 of CPC, A fresh suit under Order IX, Rule 4 of CPC, the same cause of action is
Q18. Under Order ,Rule 8 of CPC, suit can be dismissed if
Q19. A suit dismissed under Order IX, Rule 8 of CPC, can be restored
Q20. Under Order IX, Rule 9 of CPC,for non- appearance of the plaintiff, a suit cannot be dismissed

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