Welcome to your CPC code of civil procedure Test 7

Q1. Under Order VI, Rule 16 of CPC, the pleadings can be ordered to be struck out
Q2. Pleading means
Q3. Pleading has been defined
Q4. 'Pleading' can be altered or amended
Q5. 'Pleading' can be amended
Q6. Which of the following amendments can be allowed under Order VI, Rule 17 of CPC
Q7. The provisions of amended Order VI, Rule 17 of CPC do not apply
Q8. Pleading can be amended
Q9. Amendment in pleading shall be effective
Q10. Under order XVI, Rule 4 of CPC the court may adjourn the framing of issues to a date not later than
Q11. Under order XVI , Rule 1, sub rule (4) summons may be obtained by the parties within..............of presenting the list of witness
Q12. Under order XVI, Rule 2 of CPC, the expenses of a witness for whom the summons have to be obtained, shall be deposited by the party applying for the summons within
Q13. The court instead of examining witnesses in open court direct their statements to be recorder on commission by virtue of
Q14. Copy of the judgment shall be made available to the parties, under order XX, Rule 1(2) of CPC
Q15. Under Order XX, Rule 6A of CPC, decree is to be drawn up in any case within............from the date of pronouncement of judgment
Q16. Under Order VI, Rule 17 of CPC, the amendment of the pleading may be allowed
Q17. Amendment allowed under Order VI, Rule 17 of CPC must be carried on, in cases no time is fixed for carrying on the amendment , within
Q18. Under Order VII, Rule 14 of CPC, the documents
Q19. Set - off is a
Q20. Set - off can be claimed

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