Welcome to your CPC code of civil procedure Test 6

Q1. A suit in representative capacity can be withdrawn, compromise & abandoned etc. by the plaintiff
Q2. A person can be made a party in the suit either as a plaintiff or a defendant
Q3. A necessary party is one in whose
Q4. In a suit, the list of witness has to be filed by the parties
Q5. When the palintiff fails to pay the court- fee or postal charges for service of summons on the defendant(s) or fails to present copies of the plaint , the suit is liable to be
Q6. Court can direct the parties to opt for any one mode of alternative dispute resolution under
Q7. Consequent to failure of conciliation the Presiding Officer of the conciliation forum can refer the matter again to court under
Q8. Where an application for leave to deliver interrogatories has been moved alonwith the interrogatories proposed to be delivered that application shall be decided as provided under Order XI, Rule 2 of CPC within
Q9. List of witness, after settlement of issues, must be filed within
Q10. Where a witness fails to appear before the court without any reasonable ground, under Order XVI, Rule 12 of CPC, such a witness can be penalised to the extent of
Q11. If a plaintiff fails to sue for the whole of the claim which he is entitled to make in respect of a cause of action in the first suit, then he is precluded from suing in the suit in respect of portion so omitted, by virtue of
Q12. Order II Rule 2 of CPC does not apply to
Q13. Name of a party in a suit can be struck of
Q14. Pleadings must state
Q15. Pleadings must be signed
Q16. Which of the following legal pleas need not be pleaded
Q17. Which of the following must be stated in the pleadings
Q18. Under Order VI, Rule 15 of CPC pleadings must be verified by
Q19. In suits by or agianst a corporation , under Order XXIX, Rule 1 of CPC, pleadings must be signed and verified by
Q20. Furnishing of further particulars has been provided

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