Welcome to your CPC Code of Civil Procedure Test 2

Q1. Pecuniary jurisdiction of the court has been deal with an
Q2. Courts have jurisdiction to try all suits of a civil nature excepting suits, the cognizance of which is either expressly or impliedly barred, by virtue of
Q3. which of the following is a right of civil nature
Q4. which of the following is not a right of civil nature
Q5. jurisdiction of civil court can be barred
Q6. Principle of res-subjudice is contained in
Q7. Under sect ion 10 of CPC,a suit is liable to be
Q8. For the application of the principle of res-subjudice, which of the following is essential
Q9. Section 10 of CPC does not apply
Q10. Provisions of section 10 of CPC are
Q11. Under the Principle of res-subjudice
Q12. Section 10 can come into operation
Q13. Doctrime of res-judicata as contained in section 11 of CPC is based on the maxim
Q14. Which of the following is not true of res- judicata
Q15. As regards res- judicata, it has been stated that the right of an individual is to be protected from multiplication of suits and prosecution at the instance of an opponent whose superior resources & power unless curbed, may render futile judically declared right and innocence, by
Q16. Res- judicata applies
Q17. Constructive res- judicata is contained in
Q18. Plea of res-judicata
Q19. Principle of res - judicata applies
Q20. A decision on issue of law

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