CPC Code of Civil Procedure 1908 Test 1 is the test which can allow you to check your Judiciary Exam Preparation. These tests will benefit you on regular basis. You can choose this Test for Preparing exams like AIBE etc.

Welcome to your CPC Code of Civil Procedure Test 1

Q 1. under the provisions of civil procedure code pela of adverse possession is a defence available
Q 2. The re appreciation of evidence in second appeal
Q 3. Under section 10 of CPC, A Suit is liable to be
Q 4. How many grounds of attack the foreign judgement to have been provided under section 13 of CPC
Q 5. On the ground of jurisdiction, under section 13 of CPC
Q 6. Section 15 of CPC lays down
Q 7. under section 15 of CPC, every suit shall be instituted in
Q 8. place of suing in respects of suits for compensation for wrong two persons or movable property has been dealt with
Q 9. 'X' Residing in Delhi, Publishes statements defamatory to 'Y' in Calcutta . 'Y' can sue 'X' at
Q 10. suits under section 20 of CPC can be instituted where the cause of action arises
Q 11. A suit for damages for breach of contract can be filed, at a place
Q 12. A suit relating to partnership may be instituted at a place
Q 13. A suit relating to partnership resolved in foreign country can be filed at a place
Q 14. Objection as to the place of suiting
Q 15. Section 21 of CPC Cures
Q 16. a suit to set aside a decree on the ground of lack of territorial jurisdiction is barred
Q 17. section 20 of CPC does not apply to
Q 18. A corporation, under section 20 of CPC, Is deemed to carry on business at
Q 19. In every plaint , under section 26 of CPC, facts should be proved by
Q 20. According to section 27 of CPC summons to the defendant to be served on such date not beyond

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